Custom design

Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry is one of the most distinctive ways to both commemorate and create special moments.
Armen, master jewelry designer, would love to help you make your vision a reality! He will help you find a way to create your ideal piece in the best and most cost-effective manner.
Your very own custom-designed piece of jewelry will be something you’ll treasure.

Design Process

Custom design steps

Custom jewelry design involves several stages of sketching and design, fabrication, and finishing.
We begin by meeting with you so we can understand your ideas and what you want to achieve with the finished design.
We will ask questions, draw sketches, and show you the different options for your special piece.

When you are ready to proceed with the final design, we move to our 3D CAD computer to create a full color 3D design rendering.
You will see you piece from different angles and will get a clear picture of what the finished piece will look like.
For most designs, we can also provide you with different pricing options for different metals.

Blue sapphire earrings

Once you fully understand and are happy with the final design, we will provide you with the final cost and delivery timeline.
Armen will mill a wax model of your jewelry from the 3D CAD design. Then the wax model will be cast in gold, platinum, or silver.
The final step is fabrication of your unique piece. This includes cleaning the casted pieces, making all final adjustments, soldering and laser welding parts, and polishing and setting all stones.

Custom Tanzanite Tsavorite ring

Create Your Own Design

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