Eyeglasses Frames repairs

Eyeglasses frames repair

Cartier laser welded eyeglasses

Broken or bent eyeglass frames don’t only take away from the comfort and appearance of your eyewear, but they can even affect how well your eyeglasses work for you. At Armeny, we have the experience to repair eyeglass frames for optimum professional results.

Cartier Broken eyeglasses
Cartier laser welded eyeglasses

Laser Welding

We have state-of-the-art laser welding equipment for eyeglass repair. Laser welding technology allows us to repair almost any metal eyeglass frames, including titanium, steel, nickel, and brass. We use precise laser beams to weld only the spot where the frame is broken. It doesn’t heat the entire frame, so your repaired frame is integrally stronger.

Laser welded eyeglass frames

Your satisfaction is our top priority through this process. We are committed to using our knowledge and craftsmanship to achieve the highest quality outcome for you.

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