FAQs: Answers to your most frequently asked questions about jewelry


Q. What is custom jewelry?

A. Custom jewelry is made from scratch. Each piece is designed exclusively for you based on your individual needs, desires, application and budget.

Q. How is regular jewelry different from your custom-made pieces?

A.        Traditional jewelry is created in large quantities. The same design can be found in hundreds of retail locations. At Armeny, you can be confident that we never make the same custom design a second time. Our custom designed jewelry is unique and totally  personalized for you.

Q. Are some gems better adapted to rings, bracelets or necklaces?

A. Although some gems are softer than others, they can all be used on rings, bracelets and necklaces. Let color, design and desired purpose guide you in making your gem selection. We’re happy to make helpful suggestions, as well.

Q. What is the difference between silver, gold and platinum?

A. Silver, gold and platinum are all precious metals. Platinum is 1000 times more rare than gold, and gold is more rare than silver. This is reflected in jewelry pricing.

Q. Are there differences in the length of wear between the different karats of gold?

 A. Because high karat gold is softer than lower karat gold, it wears off faster. We are happy to discuss with you which gold karat count is best suited to your choice of jewelry.

Q. How often should I have my jewelry cleaned?

 A. Jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure its long life and beauty. The more often your jewelry is worn, the more frequently it should be cleaned. Rings, in particular, require special attention because they touch so many things during wear.

Q. What should I know about choosing jewelry clasps?

 A. Every type of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, cuffs) is best suited to its own special type of clasp, which is created for that purpose. We’re here to make suggestions best suited to your jewelry design and needs.

Q. Are some ring settings safer than others?

 A. Yes. There are so many different types of settings. Some are delicate, others are more muscular and protective. It’s important to consider your frequency of use when making this important decision. For more details, please refer to the “Repair” section on this website.

Q. Can I wear my rings for daily work chores?

A. It is advisable to get into the habit of taking your rings off during heavy work such as gardening, house cleaning, etc. You can keep them on for more routine daily office work.

Q. Can I wear my rings or necklaces during bathing?

A. We don’t suggest keeping your jewelry on during bathing and showering. Water and soap will wear your metals more quickly. In addition, your jewelry can also be damaged or caught on shower appliances.

Q. Are home jewelry cleaners safe to use?

A. Home jewelry cleaners are safe if made for the specific purpose and designation for your particular type of jewelry. There are gold cleaners, silver cleaners, pearl cleaners, etc. If used in a different way they can damage your jewelry. At Armeny, we offer complimentary jewelry cleaning services, so you don’t have to take any chances. Just bring your jewelry in and we’ll be happy to give it a professional shine.  

Q. Does jewelry come with warranties?

  A.   While we cannot offer a warranty on jewelry, we are always here to serve you. If anything happens to your Armeny-made jewelry, if it wasn’t your direct fault, we’ll take care it free of charge. If not, bring it in and we’ll do our best to fix it or solve the problem in the most accommodating way.

Q. When designing jewelry, do certain gems go better with certain metals?

A. Based on our years of extensive experience, we always love to advise you on the aesthetics of which metal to use for specific color gems or gem combinations.

Q. Where should I keep my jewelry when not wearing it?

A. The best place to keep your jewelry is a jewelry box or safe.

Q. Do rings, bracelets and necklaces need routine maintenance?

A. Checking the condition of your jewelry on a periodic basis will prevent further damage and save you money. At Armeny, we offer complimentary jewelry inspection. Just stop in and ask us to check the condition of your jewelry and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Q. How do you price jewelry repairs?

A. Our jewelry repair estimates are based on our in-store “Pricing Guide.” Feel free to stop in for a complimentary estimate and answers to your questions on the repair of any piece of jewelry.

Q. How do you price custom jewelry design?

A. Every custom jewelry design is different. Our prices are based on the complexity of each design, metal weight and type as well as gems choices and sizes. At Armeny, we always provide customers with estimates in advance. We will also show you computerized renderings before your actual piece of jewelry is created.

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