Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry repairs & remodeling

Whether you want a piece completely remodeled or just slightly changed or upgraded, we have the expertise to meet your need at Armeny. We use the same cutting-edge technology that we use in custom jewelry design to re-design existing pieces.

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Repair services

To properly repair a treasured piece of jewelry, a professional needs to have a broad understanding of metals, stones, and designs.
We bring the same skill and care to our jewelry repair services that we use when we design pieces from scratch.
We repair all types of jewelry, as well as watches and even eyeglasses.

Peridot and diamond rings
Pearl necklace restring

From restringing pearls to resizing a ring to changing a watch battery or even repairing an antique timepiece, Armeny can take care of almost any need.
We will provide you with a free diagnosis and estimate up front. Our repair department features laser welding technology backed by more than 28 years of experience, so we have repair capabilities far beyond those of many other jewelry retailers.

Green tourmaline ring repair


Remodeling jewelry is one of our favorite things to do at Armeny. It’s almost a magical process, bringing new life to worn, broken, or outdated pieces.
If you’ve ever had a piece of jewelry that you once treasured but no longer wear because something about it no longer works for you, you know what we mean.

Jewelry remodeling

Do you have something stashed away in a drawer that you’d love to wear again? Bring it in to Armeny and let us tell you more about what we can do for you.

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