Jewelry Restoration

Jewelry Restoration & Reproduction

Do you think an extensively damaged piece of jewelry is doomed to be discarded? Then you’ll be shocked at what is possible with jewelry restoration! Our services can bring a piece of jewelry back to the beauty of its original appearance.

Restoration can include:

• Soldering by laser welding or blowtorch
• Reshaping
• Resetting of stones and rebuilding prongs and mounting
• Polishing
• Ultrasonic cleaning (particularly in less accessible parts) by immersion
• Rhodium plating

Tassel necklace before and after

Reproduction can include:

Like restoration, reproduction is an intricate and detail-oriented process. Jewelry reproduction is required when, for instance, a customer wishes to have a piece of jewelry that matches another piece (like a pair of earrings to match a ring).

Peridot ring and diamond band

Matching piece

To do this, we utilize much of the same technology that we use when we create custom pieces. We can recreate the original piece using our 3D design software, or we can make a mold from the original piece and create the matching piece from that. And of course, we put every reproduced piece through the same quality checklist to make sure you are totally happy with the result.

Do you want to rediscover your jewelry’s original shine and brilliance? Professional polishing is the way to make that happen!

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